Monday, April 29, 2013

Blue Jasmine sewing fix

So after being overseas for a couple of weeks I was dying to get back into a sewing project. Maybe I was having withdrawal symptoms? Must be an addiction!

Luckily I had the foresight to order a few new patterns from Decades of Style and Colette before I left and they arrived while I was away. Love love love getting sewing stuff in the post!

To get a sewing 'fix' I decided on a quick and easy project:

It's the 1018 Jasmine blouse by Colette.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Jordan, Israel and the Liebster Awards

Hello dear sewers! Apologies for the radio silence for the past few weeks. I have been doing my best Indiana Jones impersonation and travelling through the Middle East.

The Treasury at Petra, including camels
Although I couldn't take the sewing machine with me (would have been handy though to fill in the time during the airport layovers in Singapore and Dubai), sewing did follow me over there, as the lovely Amy from sewamysew gave me a Liebster Award while I was away!  Thanks Amy :)

Rather than reinventing the wheel I have copied Amy's copy about the Award:

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Pattern Magic: learning Japanese through sewing

Do you enjoy challenging yourself in sewing projects? 

I've never looked at a pattern and thought 'no way I could make that'. Being willing to give anything a go is the best way to learn to sew. It can also be a good way to give yourself a headache, or to spend years making one dress (I have a couple of those unfinished projects in my sewing box...). It's also the reason I ended up with a ballgown, a party dress with a boned bodice and lots of Hong Kong binding - you are sure to learn heaps if you just jump in and try!

The Pattern Magic books are a favourite of mine. These delightfully quirky sewing projects might seem a wee bit impractical as day wear (at what occasion does one wear a dress with three cubes sewn into the left bust?) but I promise you they are LOADS of fun.

Pattern Magic 1; Bruce in background inspecting the veranda for possums.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Hitchcock's Birds: a dress I was nearly too scared to sew

Do you know when you come across a bolt of material and time just seems to stop? Kind of like in The Matrix, when the agents shoot at Neo and they do that cool camera trick with the bullets. 

That's what happened when I came across this Italian Roberto Cavalli 100% silk, Hitchcock's Birds, at Tessutis.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

In a bind, Hong Kong style

Hong Kong is one of my favourite places in the world (other than the Atelier of course!). It's a fascinating mix of eastern and western culture, reclaimed land, feng shui, congee and a replica Mona Lisa made out of mosaic toast:

Disclaimer: mosaic Mona Lisa toast is not fit for human consumption

It is also the origin of one of my favourite sewing techniques, which is Hong Kong binding.

Test question - is this HK binding or not?

Monday, April 1, 2013

Gridlock of the brain

Competitions are a great way to focus the mind and the spirit. Taoist philosophy would advise that if one is to enter a competition, you should do so for the experience, rather than being attached to a specific outcome (ie winning) (or losing - you know, whatever floats your boat). 

So when the Tessuti Gridlock competition was announced I was right in there, champing at the bit. The brief was to use this lovely cotton-poly-polyurethane material called Gridlock to create a daywear outfit of your choosing. I no longer live in Sydney so couldn't check it out at the store, so purchased the material online and was very excited when it arrived! I love getting mail and parcels.

It was wrapped in old patterns!  swoon