Saturday, June 1, 2013

Skirting the tenth circle

So the atelier has some good news - I'm going back to full time work next week! This is obviously very exciting for my bank balance, although bittersweet, because although I'll have a positive cash flow and be able to buy whatever sewing stuff I want, there will be limited time to actually sew.

I have been planning for this day by focusing on sewing more corporate-appropriate stuff that I can wear to work. This hasn't stopped me from, for example, buying evening dress patterns and Fantastic Mr Fox material en masse from Spotlight but these things will live in the stash for just a little while.

Maybe not appropriate for a work suit...

So here is the latest compromise - a Japanese garden skirt.


This is 100% Japanese cotton (yes, I'm a creature of habit) from Tessutis, called Garden Stars. I bought it online and in order to make the delivery charge cost-efficient (well that's what I told myself) I had to buy some como red linen at the same time. The linen is currently a close-to-finished 1940s dress that I can't wait to show you!

I love getting parcels from Tessutis. They come wrapped in old patterns!

The pattern

The skirt is a New Look 6079, view D. I was really keen to make a skirt with pleats.

The pattern was pretty easy to put together, but of course I had to complicate things by lining it. Is it usual to line a pleated skirt? I don't know, but I did anyway.

The lining is a matching coral-coloured quilting cotton. I'm not sure if lining pleats in this way is correct or if Dante has a tenth circle of hell just for sewing hedonists like moi. Gosh, I'm such a rebel!

The pattern was very easy - lots of straight sewing, even the pleats are very straight forward - but if I was do to this one again, I would redraft the pleats so they start about two inches higher up. I had to hem it shorter than the pattern suggests to take into account being height challenged, which removed a lot of the freedom of the pleats.

I spent about half an hour choosing the perfect buttons for the front too, and then decided not to put them on. Into the button bag they go!

This one had some fit issues, in that it was far too loose around the hips and waist. I wish the pattern manufacturers would stop including so much ease in their patterns. Seriously, it was so loose it nearly slid straight off onto the floor. Not so great for a work skirt! I had to reduce the side seams and waist band by nearly two inches, which consequently mucked up the diagonal lines of the flowers. Oh well!

However I'm happy with the end result and can't wait to wear it to my new job!

And here is Bruce, who was his usual excellent helper self. Good news for him too - he doesn't have to have his tooth operation right now! This is a relief because he has degenerative kidney disease so general anaesthetic is a bit risky.

Who's the cutest pup in the world?!

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